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Questions about registration? Contact:

Jennifer Riou
AAHA Registrar 




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  1. Davinder

    Hi My son is 7 years old and he always practice with his dad I’m trying for registration from last year please send me information whenever you open registration.

    1. AAHA

      Registration for 2018 will open in the new year.

  2. Jilleeca

    Looking to sign my five year old up for first year? Any recommendations?

  3. Vince Johnson

    Looking to play softball in Abbotsford. Looking for a team that has 50yrs +

    1. AAHA


      Ever coach or ump any baseball?

  4. Harsh Jawandha

    I have never played baseball for a team but I always practice just for fun and I was wondering if I can register for the 2017 season and I am 14 years old

    1. AAHA

      Sure! Registration is open in the new year. New players are welcome!

  5. Justin

    So can my 13 year old boy play fall ball this fall in 2016

  6. Justin

    When can my 13 year old boy register for next season

    1. AAHA

      Registration for Fall Ball will take place in August. Registration for the 2017 Spring Season will likely start in the new year. Stay posted!

  7. natasha

    Summer programs for 5yr olds?

    1. AAHA

      There may be some drop-in T-Ball. Stay posted!

  8. Erin Curru

    I see that 2016 registration is closed. When can I register my 12 year old for 2017? And will there be a baseball camp this summer?


    1. AAHA

      Registration for 2017 will open in January.

      Stay posted for news on summer programs.

  9. michele

    i have two twins boys that want to play how do i sign them up please call me 604-504-4431

    1. AAHA

      You can register live at one of the Indoor Training nights at Ag-Rec (6:30 PM Mondays for 9 and under, Wednesdays for 10 and over.) Or you can register online right now. Go the menu and click on Registration.

      For more info contact the Registrar:

  10. Dustin heinrich

    I registered last night paid and everything but will not accept my email address

    1. AAHA

      maybe the filters are rejecting “dirty_mic”

  11. Mandeep

    How do I register my 7 old son for the upcoming season?

    1. AAHA

      Reigstration for the 2016 season will be opening soon. Stay posted!

  12. blake

    I missed the signups at the arc today is there another time i can sign up?

    1. AAHA

      Sorry, no more live registration. You can register online. If you still have questions, contact the registrar:

  13. pete roberts re: hannah roberts

    to whoever it may concern,i signed my daughter Hannah Roberts up for t ball sat.@arc but did not receive a receipt, the lady I was dealing with said she would send via. e mail I have not received yet, and was wondering when this will happen.thank you very much,Pete Roberts

    1. AAHA

      Your message has been forwarded to the registrar. If you have further questions, please contact

  14. sophia Kliewer

    My child would be going into Tball. How many games and practices do they play a week? Is there a set schedule or different every week? Are there coaches or is it run by parent volunteers?

    1. AAHA

      Good questions! For more information about T-Ball, please contact:

      Mike Pratt
      T-Ball Commissioner

      Also, look for an update on the T-Ball page to be posted soon!

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