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  1. Mae

    Hi, my son was born sept 2012, I’d like to register him is it possible?

    1. AAHA

      While most 4 year olds are not ready for t-ball, there are some exceptions. Get in touch with our T-Ball Commissioner to discuss. Perhaps coming to a Monday night session at the showbarn would be an opportunity to see if t-ball would work for your son this year.


  2. Linda

    When does the indoor training start for Bantam and where is it for 2017? We’ve hopefully registered correctly.

  3. Pirtpal

    When is the next in person registration for players?

    1. AAHA

      Likely this will be in the new year when Indoor Training starts. Stay posted!

  4. Jessica Arneson

    Is there a way to contact anyone by phone?? My son has not played baseball out here and I have some questions

    1. AAHA

      If you contact the Division Commissioner based on your son’s age group, send an email with your phone number and he or she will call you back. See our Executive Page or the Division Pages for contact information. Or send an email to mail@abbotsfordbaseball.ca

  5. David

    I have registered my son, and I need to know if I can bring him today for evaluations

  6. tina

    I am trying to register my two sons. Ones 6 born in 2008 and my oldest is 9 born in 2006. i wanted to know which division they would be in? and i was wondering does my youngest have to be in the t-ball division cause he already played with a pitching machine in whalley for 2 years.

    1. AAHA

      2006: Tadpole
      2008: T-Ball.

      Having said that, in exceptional cases it is in the best interests of the child to move up a division. You will need to be in contact with the Tadpole Commissioner to discuss what is best for the 2008 born player. It is not uncommon for players who have played t-ball for a few years to move up early. It is also important to remember that t-ball doesn’t mean that players ONLY hit the ball off of tees.

  7. Sherry

    I’ve heard for Midget there are only AA AAA teams. Just wondering if we still sign up our son and wait to see if he makes either team after tryouts? Then if not we get reimbursed.
    Thank you

    1. AAHA

      Talk to the Midget Commissioner

  8. Sydney

    Hi there,
    We are interested in signing our son up for baseball this year but I am not sure if he is old enough or what the options are for his age. His birthday in November 2010. Please let me know if there is anything we can sign up for!
    Thank you!

  9. Carol

    Hi, We haven’t done baseball for many years, we have a 2007 boy that we would like to register. Is it tryout at this age? What age group do I register him for? U9? Thanks, Carol

    1. AAHA

      2007 born kids are in Tadpole. There is not a tryout at this level. We encourage you to bring your son or daughter out to our Indoor Training sessions on Monday nights, 6:15 PM at the Ag-Rec Show Barn at Exhibition Park.

  10. Dan

    When is the next sign up in person

    1. AAHA

      Jan 24 10-2 at ARC!

  11. Don barbeau

    We have 3 boys to register…
    Previous years there was a discount for third child at 50%. This was not an option for us on web when we went to pay?
    We have registered all 3 for Mosquito but have not yet paid. Can you help with an answer or recommendation please?

    1. AAHA

      You are correct. The AAHA will send you a cheque to reimburse you for 50% of the youngest’s fee. Pay online first. Thanks!

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