Aug 21

Gold at Westerns

Congratulations to the 13U AAA Angels/Team BC for winning gold at the Western Canada Championships! Look for more details to be posted soon.


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  1. Randy Pruden

    Our grandson’s greatgrandma is waiting for something to clip from the paper and share with her friends. Please post something in the newspaper.

    1. AAHA

      That is a good idea. Someone with information on this should contact the newspaper! We can publish more info on this too, if we get some!

  2. Randy Pruden

    So…waiting???? When will we see something in the Abbotsford News?

    1. AAHA

      If someone from the team gets in touch with the newspaper they may publish something.

  3. Steve McCann

    Way to go Dan and the Angels your team deserves winning this. 2 silvers = GOLD

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