Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we get.  If you can’t see your question on here, be sure to look around the rest of the site. If you still can’t find what you are looking for, make sure you get in touch with us!


When are games and practices?

Game and practice schedules vary from division to division.

Mosquito, for example: Teams generally play twice a week, but because of the large number of teams and limited field availability, these could be any night of the week or any time on weekends. Team generally practice twice per week. Each team will have a regular practice time scheduled at a field and at the batting cage.  Schedules will be available in late March.

It is best to contact the division commissioner to get more details for your child’s level

When does the season start?

The spring season of games for most players starts in April.

When does the season end?

Most players play in the spring season which ends towards the end of June. Some players will continue on in the summer until early August. We also offer fall ball at some levels.

How about Winter Training?

The AAHA offers Indoor Winter Training at the Ag-Rec ShowBarn. These sessions are drop-in, once per week, and generally run from the middle of January to the end of March. Check out more information here.

What equipment do I need to play baseball?

At the lowest levels all you need is a glove, a jock or jill, and a batting helmet!  As you get older, you will want to have baseball cleats and baseball pants. You may start to acquire optional things like your own bat, batting gloves, slider shorts and more.

How about uniforms?

Uniforms can vary depending on the division the player is in. At most levels players are responsible to provide their own white baseball pants for games, while the AAHA provides hats and jerseys. For more information, check out the information on your Division, and contact the Uniforms Coordinator: uniforms@abbotsfordbaseball.ca

When do kids start playing baseball?

Our youngest players register for T-Ball, usually when they are 5 or 6.  However, older kids are always welcome to try baseball, whether it is in Tadpole (7 & 8), Mosquito (9& 10) or older.

What division should I register my child for?

Click here to see all the different divisions based on age groupings.

My kid is a baseball prodigy.  What should I do?

First of all you need to make sure you announce this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every social media outlet that you can think of. Then be sure to let MLB Scouts know so that they can check out his/her skills. Also, have a look at our page on Underage Players.

Where do the kids practice and play?

Click here for information on all our different ball parks and training facilities.

What are the differences between baseball, hardball, softball, fast pitch and slow pitch?

It can be confusing to sort all that out! The AAHA, the Abbotsford Angels Hardball Association, offers baseball to the kids of Abbotsford. Baseball and hardball are interchangeable terms and refer to the game played with the small, hard baseball and overhand pitching (although to confuse matters more, the ball is softer when introduced to t-ball and tadpole players!)  Hardball is the game played at the Major Leagues and all over the world. The AAHA has baseball for kids up to the end of high school. There are opportunities after that to play professional, collegiate or amateur baseball.

Softball refers to games played with the larger ball (not soft at all!) with underhand pitching.  Fast pitch is the competitive form of softball with fast, underhand “windmill” pitching.  It is played by kids and adults. Slow pitch is another softball game can be competitive or recreational and is generally played by adults. The rules can vary depending on the level of competition.

Can girls play baseball?

What kind of a question is that? Of course they can! Girls play with the boys through almost all of the divisions. At the higher levels, some girls choose to play in girls’ baseball leagues or on girls only teams. There are growing opportunities for girls to play baseball at provincial, national and international competitions.

Can I play baseball if I also play hockey, basketball, soccer or rugby?

Absolutely! In fact, we in the AAHA believe that it is good for kids to play all sorts of different sports. It will make you a better all-around athlete, a better baseball player, and even a better person!  Play lots of sports for as long as you can. Don’t forget that Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan both played baseball.

Are you the same as the Abbotsford Cardinals?

While many of our players may go play for the Abbotsford Cardinals, and while we have a good working relationship with the Cards, we are not the same organization.  The Cardinals play in the BC Premier Baseball League, while our players play BC Minor Baseball. The PBL offers play for the same age group as the Midget (18U) Division in BC Minor Baseball.

What are AAA, AA and A?

That’s a good question, and the answer is confusing because they mean different things at different levels.

In Mosquito, all players play “House” baseball for the Spring. All-Star Rep teams are then selected for Summer Baseball and a chance to compete for Provincial Championships. The best Mosquito players, generally “Second Year” or 11U players are chosen for the Mosquito AAA team. The best “First Year” 10U players are selected for the Mosquito A team.  All remaining Mosquito players can try out for the AAA Tier 2 team.

In Peewee, the best 13U players are selected to play for our two Spring AA teams.  These teams are selected to be as equal as possible. Those players are then selected to represent the Angels in AAA and AA competitions during the summer.  All other players play on Spring House teams in a local interlocking A league with Mission, Aldergrove and Chilliwack.  The best Abbotsford A level players are then selected to represent the Angels to compete for a Provincial A Championship in the summer.

In Bantam, the Angels select the best 15U players to a single season AAA team which competes from April to August. The next best are chosen for a single season AA team, again to compete from April to August. All other players play on Spring House teams. teams in a local interlocking A league with Mission, Aldergrove and Chilliwack.  In the summer, the best Abbotsford A level players are then selected to represent the Angels to compete for a Provincial A Championship.