Jan 15 2013

Don’t Buy a New Bat…

without checking with us first!

BC Minor Baseball is changing its rules regarding the size and composition of bats in the upper divisions starting in 2014.  Please make sure that you are aware of the rule changes before investing in a new bat.

Bat rule changes will be posted soon.



    • Barry or Robyn Bussiere on March 18, 2015 at 5:57 PM

    What are the new rules on bats for the Peewee division?

      • AAHA on March 18, 2015 at 10:35 PM

      20.04 Bats Bats should be round and may be made of wood or other approved material including aluminum, magnesium, fiberglass, nylon or laminated wood. These mentioned bats shall be permissible in league and tournament play. The bat cannot be altered in any fashion. Sizes shall be in accordance with prevailing CFAB regulations for the age divisions in question. Bats may be taped to a distance not exceeding sixteen inches (16″) from the handle.

      Max Length (inches) Max Diameter (inches)
      T Ball 30 2 1/4
      9U (Tadpole) 30 2 1/4
      10U & 11U (Mosquito) 32 2 1/4
      13U (PeeWee) 33 2 3/4
      15U (Bantam) A/AA 42 2 3/4
      15U (Bantam) AAA 42 2 3/4 Wood or Wood Composite
      18U (Midget) AA 42 2 3/4 -3 Rule applies
      18U (Midget) AAA 42 2 3/4 Wood or Wood Composite

      Note: The minus three rule means that A 30 inch bat may not weigh less than 27 oz. A 33 inch bat may not weigh less than 30 oz.

      Approved Ruling: Composite and wood bats are permitted in all divisions.

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