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As the players progress from 8U to 9U and Mini-Mosquito, the competitive levels increase and players are introduced to more sophisticated concepts and more advanced levels of team play. However, the primary emphasis remains on developing the individual skills of the players, while promoting fun, enjoyment and love for the game.

The 9U division offers players their first opportunities to pitch. Players pitch the first two innings of each game before giving way to a pitching machine and/or coach for the remainder.

In the summer, players have the opportunity to try out for 1 (or often 2) AAHA all-star/representative teams to compete in a 9U “Mini-Mosquito” competition.  This is an introduction to “rep” level baseball and is also an introduction to 11U Mosquito rules, as the players pitch the entire game and follow the other rules of the 11U Mosquito division.

9U games take place at Little Delair Park

Games generally take place weeknights Monday through Thursday, and/or Saturdays. Teams play generally once, but often twice, per week. The days can vary.

Practices are set at the discretion of each coach and vary from team to team.   Teams generally practice once per week. Teams generally have a usual practice day but may vary from it from time to time.


9U Year at a Glance:

  • January: Indoor preseason training begins.
  • March: House teams are formed and practices begin (late March.)
  • April: Opening Day and the start of the Spring 9U House League.
  • June: Spring Playoffs and Championships; Mini-Mosquito Summer Ball tryouts.
  • July: Mini-Mosquito Summer Ball season.


For more information on the 9U, please contact the Commissioner:

Ashley Copeman
Commissioner, AAHA 9U Division