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T-Ball (7U)

The T-Ball division is arguably the most important division of all, as we have the privilege to give most kids their first introduction to the great game of baseball! This privilege comes with a great responsibility to give the players a wonderful experience as they learn about the game, begin to develop individual skills, and most importantly, have fun! T-Ball practices and games are planned to meet the needs of each child at his/her age and stage.  As such, practices and games are shorter and planned to maximize player engagement and emphasize fun.

Parent participation in both practices and games is vital.  Not only do the teams need parents to step up as the “official” coaches of the team, all parents must be prepared to actively participate.  The AAHA is committed to supporting parents who are willing to step forward and help out, by offering many coaching development opportunities, particularly for new coaches and parents new to T-Ball.

T-Ball is normally for players who will turn 6 or 7 during the calendar year of the season.

T-Ball games and practices are held at Grant Park.

The T-Ball Season runs from April to June.

T-Ball teams generally play and practice once per week.  The nights that your child will play have not yet been determined.

Please check back closer to the start of the Season for information on schedules.


For more information on the T-Ball Division, please contact the Commissioner:

Derek Giesbrecht
Commissioner, AAHA T-Ball Division


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  1. Kim Blumenauer

    My Grandson will be turing 5, November 2017.
    Is he too young for T-ball?
    I read somewhere that you might possibly have drop in T-ball at the Show Barn?

  2. Leigh

    Any updates on schedule yet?

  3. Ryan Jensen

    Just wondering which days T-ball will be running. Will there be saturday/sundays for games or practices?
    Thanks, Ryan

  4. Mia V

    When does registration start for tball this year?

    1. AAHA

      January 1st.

      check out abbotsfordbaseball.ca/registration

  5. Patricia

    When does registration start for T-Ball?

    1. AAHA

      Soon. Stay posted!

  6. John Anderson

    Hi there, I just registered my son for tball 2 days ago. When does the season start and when we will be contacted ?

  7. Jerry Atamanchuk

    My son is in tball and we still haven’t received any information on the schedule change after spring break. Could someone please let me know what the new schedule is.

    1. AAHA

      The T-Ball Commissioner and the T-Ball Coaches will be in touch very soon!

  8. Tyler jones

    I paid for and registered my son for t ball online in the beginning of feb the payment was taken but I have not received any notification that he is officially in how do I find out this information.

    1. AAHA

      T-Ball is still taking registrations. Teams will be formed soon and you should hear in the next little while.

  9. Ashley Dorosh

    I signed my son up for t-ball, just wondering what day of the week this will land on so I can schedule and sign him up for other activities:))

    1. AAHA

      see this: T-Ball News

      1. Ashleymcleod68@yahoo.com

        I don’t see anything? 🙂

        1. AAHA

          it was hiding

          not so shy now

  10. New Tball player

    I have registered my son for tball for the first time and I noticed that there is a drop in practice on Monday evenings. Can I get more info on how that works? What do I need to bring? He has never played before. What can I expect if we come tonight?

    1. AAHA

      Introduction to basic skills and some fun games. Bring a glove and a batting helmet!

  11. Erin Will

    My son is too young to play this spring but can we sign up for the following year to make sure he gets in? If not when does registration start? Thanks so much!

    1. AAHA

      How old is he? He might be old enough for T-Ball this spring…

      1. Erin Will

        He’s turning 5 this month. If he is old enough that would be awesome! He starts kindergarten in September.

  12. Matt

    Any news on days not necessarily times but do we know days yet?

    1. AAHA


      T-Ball News

  13. late guy

    any remaining spots available for t-ball? my daughter decided she wants to play now and i know im super late =(

    1. AAHA

      Sorry, wait list only at this point.

      1. andy

        i was emailed and told you could not accommodate my child this year in the t-ball program.

  14. Chelsea

    What time are the pre season practice’s at? And how long are they?

    1. AAHA

      Wednesdays 6 to 7PM

  15. Mandy Rosse

    Any news on days and times, it’s pretty close to the start of the season and many parents are trying to sign their kids up for other things. Soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming…all have their days up.

    1. AAHA

      The Commissioner is working on it and will have a schedule soon.

  16. Dayna

    I have signed my son up for t ball. Could someone please tell me what day the practices will be on?

    1. AAHA

      Pre-season practices are on Wednesdays at the Ag-Rec Showbarn. The season starts in April. The Commissioner is working on the schedule.

  17. Meagan

    I am trying to register my son online for Tball however when I click submit form nothing happens. I have tried to register online multiple times/days. I do not want to make a payment until I know for sure my son has been registered…. can someone check for me please??

    1. AAHA

      Please contact the registrar: registrar@abbotsfordbaseball.ca

  18. BJudge

    My son is turning five this year. Should I wait until next year to register? If not, have I missed the registration deadline (I thought I read that it was Feb 1st)

    1. AAHA

      T-Ball 1 is generally for those kids who are already 5 turning 6 (For this season, 2014, that means those born in 2008.) Some kids are ready before that, but not many. Perhaps bring your son out to the indoor sessions on Wednesday night to try it out?

      It is not too late too register! Registration continues! (However, note that after Feb 15 late fees will apply.)

  19. corina.rochon@gmail.com

    What equipment/clothing do the parents need to provide?

    1. AAHA

      Glove, batting helmet, jock/jill are essential.
      Most coaches will require baseball pants or other athletic pants, and cleats (molded studs for baseball, soccer, etc).
      If you are coming to the indoor sessions through the winter, running shoes are better for the hard floor, and a warm athletic top is vital!

  20. Rachel Swets

    Do you know the days and usual times of practices and/or games for the tball group?

    1. AAHA

      No. That information will not be determined until closer to the start of the season. The T-Ball season begins in April.

  21. Rebecca Fry

    I’d like to sign my son up for t ball this spring
    How and when do I go about that?

    1. AAHA

      Click on registration on the main menu at the top. You can register online now, or in person at ARC on January 18 and February 1.

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