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Start the NCCP Courses

Have you registered for NCCP courses before?  If YES, go here.

If you have never registered for NCCP courses:


  1. Click here to go to the Baseball Canada NCCP site.   There you can find out all about the Baseball Canada National Coaching Certification Program.
  2. You will need to start with the Initiation Course.  This has two parts, an online portion and a live in-person clinic.
  3. You will need to register first for the online portion. On the left hand column you will see a “Register Now” button. Click it. You will be taken the registration page.
  4. When you register you will be given a Baseball Canada username and password. You will use this for registering for future courses.
  5. The Coach Initiation in Baseball Online Module costs $37.45.  You will need to complete this online course before you can register for an in-person Initiation Clinic.
  6. The AAHA will often run an Initiation Clinic here in Abbotsford.  Check to see if we are offering one before you register for another clinic in another district.