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Coaching Evaluation

Help us to improve the standard of coaching in the AAHA. Your constructive feedback to our coaches is extremely helpful.

Your input will:
1) Provide feedback to coaches
2) Assist with Coach selection for future seasons
3) Help to guide the Association Executive
4) Help our coaches reflect on how they are doing and how they can get better.


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  1. Chad Pickering

    I would have to echo Bill’s comments. I congratulate our coaches and parents who stuck with our team through a very trying season. There is clearly something wrong with skill assessment and draft situation in Mosquito. This is the second year in a row in which our team and a few others were drastically much shorter on ability than most of the top teams. I realize there will be winners and losers in a competitive environment, but the playing field should be level to start with. It clearly wasn’t.

    1. AAHA

      Thanks for the comments. The goal of the current system is to create balanced teams. But that is easier said than done. Do you have any suggestions on how the process could be improved?

  2. Bill MacGregor

    I would much rather sit with you folks and have a session on “how to make a good thing better” beginning with the topical issue of a Draft and then onto Practice Organization and alignment with Identification Camps and their Skill Assessment.
    As for this year I remain very proud of our Coaches for their dedication in the face of a 2 win season and grateful for the time they put in.

    1. AAHA

      If you have thoughts on those subjects we would love to hear them!

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