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AAHA Contacts

Board of Directors

Position Name email
President Dan Dick
1st Vice President Steve Coleman
2nd Vice President Todd Boulanger
Treasurer Matt Maclellan
Secretary Jen Johnson
DIrector Colin Sexton
DIrector Jose Siguenza
DIrector Brian Krahn
DIrector Vaughn Mangum

Officers, Managers and Committee Chairs

Position Name email
Umpire-in-Chief Jim Van Meer
Registrar Jenn Riou
Coaching Development Officer Todd Boulanger
Equipment Manager Jason Dobson
Fields Manager Brian Krahn
Uniforms Manager Lorisa Janzen
Accounting & Gaming Application Sarah Maclellan
Bookings Manager Matt Maclellan
Outgoing Bookings Manager Sabrina Milne
Sponsorship Committee Chair Dawn Krahn
Community Action Committee Chair unfilled
Safety Committee Chair unfilled
Business Development Committee Chair unfilled
Fall Baseball Commissioner unfilled

Division Commissioners

Position  Name  email
Challenger Baseball Commissioner Tim Hall
18U Commissioner Mark Kramer
15U Commissioner TBA
13U Commissioner Dave Manuel
11U Commissioner Colin Sexton
9U/8U Commissioner Ashley Copeman
7U Commissioner Derek Giesbrecht

Executive Committees

Disciplinary Committee 1st Vice President, 2 Directors
Appeals Committee President, 2nd Vice President, 2 (other) Directors
Coach Selection Committee 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President; 2 Directors; Commissioner
Player Movement Committee 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President; Commissioner(s)