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AAHA Contacts

Board of Directors

Position Name email
President Dan Dick president@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
1st Vice President Steve Coleman 1vp@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
2nd Vice President Todd Boulanger 2vp@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Treasurer Matt Maclellan treasurer@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Secretary Jen Johnson secretary@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
DIrector Colin Sexton 1director@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
DIrector Jose Siguenza 2director@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
DIrector Brian Krahn 3director@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
DIrector Vaughn Mangum 4director@abbotsfordbaseball.ca

Officers, Managers and Committee Chairs

Position Name email
Umpire-in-Chief Jim Van Meer uic@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Registrar Jenn Riou registrar@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Coaching Development Officer Todd Boulanger coaching@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Equipment Manager Jason Dobson equipment@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Fields Manager Brian Krahn fields@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Uniforms Manager Lorisa Janzen uniforms@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Accounting & Gaming Application Sarah Maclellan accounting@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Bookings Manager Matt Maclellan bookings@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Outgoing Bookings Manager Sabrina Milne outbookings@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Sponsorship Committee Chair Dawn Krahn sponsorship@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
Community Action Committee Chair unfilled
Safety Committee Chair unfilled
Business Development Committee Chair unfilled
Fall Baseball Commissioner unfilled

Division Commissioners

Position  Name  email
Challenger Baseball Commissioner Tim Hall challenger@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
18U Midget Commissioner Mark Kramer midget@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
15U Bantam Commissioner Brian Fehlauer bantam@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
13U Peewee Commissioner Dave Manuel peewee@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
11U Mosquito Commissioner Colin Sexton mosquito@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
9U Tadpole Commissioner Steve Coleman tadpole@abbotsfordbaseball.ca
7U T-Ball Commissioner Derek Giesbrecht t-ball@abbotsfordbaseball.ca

Executive Committees

Disciplinary Committee 1st Vice President, 2 Directors
Appeals Committee President, 2nd Vice President, 2 (other) Directors
Coach Selection Committee 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President; 2 Directors; Commissioner
Player Movement Committee 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President; Commissioner(s)

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